Despite borders closed Never had I seen A world more united ] In thoughts [ ] In actions [ ] In prayers [   A world never more united For Health, Compassion and Strength ] For you, me and them. [   For Someone said … Continue reading United.


Gratitude.  A word that leaves you grounded and soaks your heart in humility. Sharing this short experience form my recent travel and stay at Holiday Inn, Jaipur. This one truly connected me further to who I am and be thankful to the supreme power to have showered so … Continue reading Gratitude.


  “Will you, please wait”..”I hate to wait” ..”You will have to wait”..”Let’s wait for some more time?”.. Interestingly, since time unknown, we have been encountering at least one of these statements in our everyday lives. I have now gotten to believe that “Waiting” is an integral part of … Continue reading Waiting.

Building an equation from inequalities

Arranged marriage scenes have much dominated the Indian culture since time unknown. A culture difficult to uphold in today's modernized world, yet, it would be interesting to appreciate the  skewed stats, wherein 90% of the marriages in India are still arranged, of which only less than 5% result … Continue reading Building an equation from inequalities