A writing to capture some innocent and fun observations during my daily walks to college.


I was a lazy bum

Kicked up every morning with the rise of the sun.

Pleasant were things around, yet unpleasing it seemed

The monotonous rides in the motor no longer pleased.


Then one day I attempted to start afresh..

With a new gesture and smile on lips, in happiness I drenched.

I did nothing unusual, but just a casual walk

With my Touch held close every moment seemed to rock !


I discovered new ways and places

And understood different faces.

Smiled at a few, surpassed the rest

Gauged at the beggars and admired the birds in nest.


Speeding cars swift pass

A quick step back, A slow step up

Laughing to my innocence, On myself I take the blame

Don’t worry dear that poor guy is lame !


Breeze blew crazily past,

Refreshing each bit of me as I swayed in rhyme.

My reach is near and so I fear,

The walk meets an end, but beautiful memories it etched.


Sitting at my work place with new energy beaming up,

Dotting the experience was great fun.

With or without someone walks are interesting is what I now realize,

So I walk along and long till I drop down for respites !!


December 2009