Attention Please !!

When college notebooks were used for scribbling, and peers were busy taking classroom notes. A writing from my undergrad days at Xavier’s, to share an economics student’s mind while sitting for stats and math classes. 


I walk up in class,
With new light and hope.
A hope to learn something new
A hope to become those known few.
And then get startled to realize it’s a pass class
All my energy dooms down
As I sit up with a frown.

Snarling head and Sleepy me,
The Prof in class is an annoying bee.
Hovering on head she goes buzz buzz buzz..
Wake up Aditi! Is what I hum !

The boring lecture and her monotonous face
Screwed my interest in each new case.
She screamed and scared me with empty threats
Pay attention AP, note the important or you are Dead!

Sitting up quietly,
I wonder why I write.
Why waste time and potential,
Uselessly crib and cry.

The equations differentiated me part by part,
It’s not that tough, I heard the thump of my brave heart!
Ponder when I would integrate the various distributions,
In the planning stage or in execution..
Yet sadly, I’m still in confusion!
And then I construct a hypothesis of profit against loss,
With 99.9% confidence in me and cross
There arose “0” probability of loss.

I tear a sheet and write,
Not what the professor dictated
But all that I wrote above.
Cover up, cover up She’s around
First i fear and then giggle aloud.

Shaking me, an intelligent me, somewhere deep inside
Spoke up all and spoke it all:
Reject less, Accept more
Knowledge is what you’ll earn, though nothing in crores!
Why regret today,
For this seat and class was all you once longed.
So wake up, smile and hear in interest
Before things go way too wrong..

March 2009


2 thoughts on “Attention Please !!

  1. Very relateable. Plus matches perfectly with the name of your blog. Impressive Ms.Poddar. Well written.


    1. Thanks for reading Harsh. Really appreciate it 🙂 Though I feel this isn’t the best post up there. But close to my heart as it is from college days.
      Anyways, Happy reading and any comments/suggestions are most welcome !


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