From the Pages of my Diary

In an effort to make me a socially responsible manager, my b-school took me to the New Bilibid Prison in the Philippines. This exercise was a fun learning experience from those who the society looks down upon. It is interesting how one can get motivated by those, who have no reason to live. The prison residents – seeking reformation – were a pleasant host who welcomed their international audience in their own style. Some in words and stories, while others in local cultural art forms. 

This writing is a narrative of what a prisoner’s diary may edge. 


A walk on the wet grass,

At the crack of dawn.

I look at the rising sun,

And find myself anew.

Yesterday is a past,

The past was my learning.

I move ahead – in Life and Society,

I move towards a new beginning.

A new day unfolds,

A new hope I behold.

“I will hold your hand and walk with you”

– whispered the soul in me, whispered God.

Faith and Passion will take me far,

Far on the road to realization.

Even though things may fall apart,

Dear Guitar – be my companion – in light and dark.

Music will be my nature,

Its energy shall set me Free –

Free from fear and apprehensions of others’ perceptions of me.

I am the creator of now and future,

I will lead myself to light.

Peace shall here prevail

And in that blissful moment I shall discover a new me.


September 2014


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