From The Pages of My Diary..

On the lonely benches

Sat a soul unknown.

She looked around in consideration

Yet the known seemed unknown.

Friends in groups reserved down to laugh and play

Smiles all around

Yet a smile to her she craved.


Things weren’t alike a while ago

She is, what she didn’t wish to be

She is, what she never thought she’d be

Not in the wildest of dreams.


As once upon a time,

Classes passed by like the blink of an eye.

From laughter songs and cries of joy

To gossips buzzing away, upon dating the lame boy.

A couple of fights and a dozen smiles..

Made life, what it is

And is simply meant to be.

Wacky in sight, yet beautiful and bright.


As once upon a time

At school,

When she felt jacked

And nothing in life seemed to crack..

Friends knew it all, even before she spoke it all.

High-5s, basketball and music brought a glow

Then a warm hug, meant ‘forget it ya, just let things go.’


Sadly, lost is the girl sketched in farewell diaries..

The Charm, The fun..

The Happy-go-lucky persona

And the never dying spirit.


Looking for company at lunch,

She closes the box in hush.

Super sexy coffee left alone and tasteless

Perhaps now the sole therapy for the act of carelessness.

Her’ s or other’s , she is left to daze.

Struggled to befriend some,

But life was just in the wrong phase.


Life is weird,

I hate it when I say so.

For I see a beautiful soul

Depart each moment into the dead hole.


No one awaits her arrival,

Not a gang to depart with.

She cried for that picture perfect college life,

But then I sympathise,

‘ Darling ,trust me, that’s not all in life.’


Surprisingly in the rush,

A soul she discovered.

A friend, A philosopher, A guide in veil

Disguised in lifeless, silent books and paper,

Redressing her grief.

Hearing her, as she scribbled away classes in and out

No complaints, no demands

But, Just a company in silence,

When words couldn’t be spoken aloud.


That’s it and that’s all

No repentance

Only smiles..

Left all to destiny

In the game of Life.