Irony Of Life

A mysterious puzzle life has been to me,
Unveiling which I fail to understand, if I am ‘Me’.
In understanding faces, I forgot what mine was like..
Yet I solemnly struggle to behold my unmasked soul amidst unreality.
Tough it is to hold the mask,
And yet Tougher it is to be You, Yourself.
Help Me Lord! I feel like a tangled knot.
Caught in the tangles of irony and masquerade,
I ponder if in the ride I was wrong and lame.
Looking for answers to the sarcasms made,
I somehow accepted that pretensions are life’s another shade.
Searching in the lost crowd for a soul who is another Me
I drop to realise that there cant be another Me. 
Singles are unique to this world
That’s the art of the great Almighty.
That’s living, I tell to myself..
And then rise up smiling as I ought to move on by myself.
You are your best friend, 
So never betray the soul you live with or else you descend.
In life, accept the beauty of each living 
And the essence of every feeling
As though, defined is each creation
But yet, Divine is the Creator above you.
Believe him to the fullest, to see how each one is so true.