SILENCE – the most powerful speech

Silence has its own voice, which speaks out all.

This root of understanding, is understood by few and misunderstood by all.

In this unreal world,

While some find it an obsolete instrument that is weak by itself,

For others it is still a weapon, which is used while people are dealt.

Gone are those days when people lived in amity and peace..

As today we hear only shouts and screams and all that was past has forever ceased.

Lost in this crowd I see a man..

Who hears them all,

Moved by their  views, unmoved on his principles

And despite the despondency in his soul, he stands straight and tall.

Mother Teresa truly said,

“God is the friend of silence, silence is needed to touch souls “

In the war of life,

And God by his side,

This man is for sure a winner

For  he beholds the power of silence and can even overcome the tide.