The Unconditional Emotion

Love is the essence of life

It is not only what a husband is to wife

It is something for which everyone strives

But fails to understand that love is life.

Ask a mother and she would answer in silent tears

Her unconditional love for the child.

Whilst the aged, re-courses love in all that was past

As future is mild..

A painter encounters love in the nature’s serenity

While for a Disabled it is the belief in his ability.

For the artist, who forgets the mock and jeers

Love to him is the passion for living, as he carries only cheers..!

Love each creation and You’ll love Yourself

Discard the look in the deceptive mirror,

To discover your true self.

Love though not Pretty, is forever Beautiful

And so, Being Loved and Loving is the desire of each soul.

You may accept today,

Or reject for tomorrow..

It is truly the beauty that inlays in each living

For which Almighty is akin and loves them deeply.