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A perfect Sunday morning to cover up a little tighter and sleep a little longer. Laziness crawling into a carefree smile as I cuddled myself further at my Kolkata home.

Such peaceful pleasures, I wondered of in my head after signing up at the TSK25 Marathon one day before the run proper. Over the last fifteen days my winter mornings were as lazy as one can ideally imagine them to be. In the night before the run, I scratched my head and wondered why I paid to undertake this suffering for the second time in a year – a 10K run – not impossible – but surely lazy to-do for a Sunday winter morning.

After some self-convincing – this what you need to get yourself active and going, Kolkata mornings are beautiful, you will get a medal IF you finish it in time – I geared up in the morning sun to wing in this so called unplanned suffering and make it a memorable experience.

Smile Please: because you are now on the race track and you have no option, but to RUN !

As I started, my lazy bones shouted out loud – No No No !!!! don’t do this to me. But I was determined. Once on the track, there can be no looking back.

Capturing the beautiful view of the Vidyasagar Setu nearing at the 3km checkpost

The beauty of that morning lay not in the race itself. But in the little things that otherwise get un-noticed in this race of life and speeding drives – birds chirping on the greens, the majestic feel of the breeze across your face as you drench down in sweat, the no pollution time zone, the silence in the air that makes you feel alive, and the small families making homes under the bridge that make you appreciate life a little more.

Clicks on the run

They say the run actually starts once you are half way down the mark. Boosting my energy past this checkpoint was the mesmerizing beauty around the famous Victoria Memorial and the sound of the Rajasthani Dhols that filled the air with energy and made me sway from my usual pace to catch on some dance moves. #DanceOnTheRun

Victoria Memorial: Symbolizing the city’s blend of Modern Living and Culture in the morning light

What was another essential ingredient to my high energy during the run, was indeed the energy that flowed in me through my fellow runners. Runners on wheels we applauded for, Runners of the age of my grandmothers’ we wished to bow down in respect. Such enthusiasm from people of all age groups was indeed a throwback to all who addressed Calcutta as laid back city over these years.

When the drum rolls to “chal aaja selfie le le re” #HighOnSaltyOrange

Salty orange, motivational quotation stands held by Puma Volunteers, cheerleaders, energy drinks and more over water all accompanied me to view the sight of the finish line well before the given time mark of 1 hour 30 minutes.

..and when you are seconds away from finish

Improving over my last 10k run time from Philippines, I did not jump this time crossing the finish line.

I was ecstatic about – what a beautiful journey and experience it was.

The journey brought a mini reunion with Suhel – my fellow AIM Alumnus and friend.

LifeAfterAIMMBA #InItToWingIt

One of my other main reasons to undergo the so called suffering was for this little brother with a medal round his neck. Undertaken an appendix operation just months back, I was truly apprehensive of how he would do this. And I must say he finished the run at a great speed of over 9.5kmph. Congratulations again !

And there the journey ends with bigger selfie.

Healthy Family, Happy Life 🙂

Proud #Healthy family

..or the journey is just started. Because even in life as in runs. Its not about the destination. But all about making the journey beautiful.


20th December 2015