So, did you smile today?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the Happiest of all?

A question so thoughtful yet so rarely asked. Wish the answer was, You, but little do you and I actually do to seek happiness. We smile in front of the long standing mirror each morning, perfecting our attire, the hairdo and the appearance. Yet amidst all the perfection we lie with our smile a zillion times. We rarely smile each day for being actually happy.

A greeting message now so common – “Keep Smiling”. More than ever we use the smile emoticon 🙂 easiest expression shared even when what we really behold is a cold heart.

You may tell me that is the way of life, Aditi. To smile at the pain and not let the world know about it. To drink with friends and forget the past. I will agree. Yet only in parts.

A smile is now a sign of diplomacy and rarely of happiness as the traditional dictionaries may define it to be. Little understood by the busy bees around, you know it best when you veil your forehead wrinkles and doubts behind that expression. As one may often do – sitting in a gathering, drinking and talking with a smile on face. But guess you just know it deep within when you are faking yourself.

Unfortunately, Life is too short to live in such hypocrisy and be unhappy. Hold your hand for a while, just for a little while. And share your thoughts of love and care, your troubles, your aspirations, your attempts and your failures. And simply empty yourself. Accept the many mood swings, pains or doubts that make you lie.

There is a smile bubbling within you to sprout into a laughter. Feel a little more grateful for the blessings in life. Just a little fresh amidst all that you thought makes life gloomy and you will find a new meaning and reason to be happy. For yes, Life forever, will be a beautiful mystery to be unraveled, sprinkled with days of joy and pain. Only acceptance to the situation will usher the purity of your soul through a beautiful loving smile, bringing some sunshine into life and making you the person you idolize.  

For believe me, apart from the job you may get, and the Gucci you may flaunt, a pure smile is the most precious and unparalleled gift you can give yourself. A smile should be reflected not just through the fold of your lips, but by the glitter in your eyes and glow on your face. So smile today for you are the master of happiness in your life.

Smile. Live. Repeat.