While it may be right to say that dreams don’t come with an expiry date. The writing is dated back to December, 2010 and breathes still. 

Wonder how my little eyes,
Grown over times of tears and cries.
Blissful times of the Utopian world.
That world of mine..
Where even the coal would shine..!

Gone are the days, When bruises were all that would hurt.
As now I face a broken heart, even tougher to mend.
Dream of a world, So full of Love..
Where you are loved, by the one you love.

Dream of a world, so personified
Just as You and Me.
No reason to hide and room for guile,
As then I know you, Just as You know me.

Dream of a living,
Not through profit on billings.
But earned as a bless,
From those above and beneath who fare less.

Dream of a Beginning,
That ends the war of hatred, Shrinking you and me.
Dream of Peace, Invite the White
That blends one and all to serenity.

Dream of a nation,
So politically correct..
Not entangled in corruption,
Instead united in vision.

A land of fresh breeze
Is the Land of the Green.
Dream for the coming Gen
Dream for GreenPeace..!

Each night,
Unfolds another story, another dream.
Also, day dreaming is what I often do..
Caught up amidst the stars in daylight too.
Dream date, dream job
In a sexy red Audi, I ‘d speed across.
Wonder how I dream so big and dream so wild,
Of earning in rupees and spending in dollar, day and night.

Thrive so hard, that you live your dream.
As dreams aren’t illusions of passing night,
But the drive that keeps us alive.
Reasoning to each moment why we live,
Lets not just Dream..
But lets dream Big..!!

Cheers to your dreams that came true and those to unfold.

#StayBlessed & #BeBorn to #DreamBig