So what’s your calling?

For sometimes, all you got to really really do, is let go of the numerous things you’d want to make a living from. The apprehensions and the quarrels. The struggle and the despair. Surpass the diplomatic guidelines be it in competition or kinship. The emptiness amidst the crowd. And simply let your calling overpower the present – the ever enchanting and powerful force guiding you to what you are meant to be.

So if you ask me whether I know what’s my calling, I will say no. It is indeed wondrous that even after 26 and a quarter year, I am still here looking within each day, to identify what’s my calling. Is it really the high paying job at a multinational, or is it the calling that drives you to get that job or the passion that follows? Is it the million ideas buzzing behind those glasses or is it the motivation further dwelling deep within? Is it just another means to a living or a means to happiness?

You may argue, saying eventually you cannot just chase your calling, because you have your bills to pay and mouths to feed. I will say, we are on same page still. For that’s the overarching dilemma that life is meant to put you and me in. The challenge is to find the area of congruence. And then if you still left to think, am I compromising? Is the foregone opportunity too expensive, you are probably just heard yourself wrong. You probably heard someone else’s calling and need your correct dial-in.

One of the most difficult quest for mankind in my opinion is indeed – identifying what’s their calling or purpose to life. Wonder how correct it is to discover your calling in else’s happiness. Your reasoning to life, in else’s happy going. Is this really selfless love? Or is it a compromise? Will it sustain? Can you make it last? I would like to say that in doing the above you eventually fail to acknowledge what you are meant to be. Yes, and this is not about being selfish. It is totally about identifying your happiness with the big picture in mind. And in time, your happiness shall translate into happiness of those around. Because, believe me, sooner or later you shall acknowledge, you cannot make others happy unless you are happy within. And trust me, happiness is not subjective. It is simply the emotion that over-arches every other feeling be it of love or success.

Rightly said by my B-school mentor, Prof. Richard Cruz – “You got to be emotional about your idea. Only then can you possibly be passionate and successful” these lines have made me believe, how can your calling possibly create a difference in the lives of those around, and above all – reform you to want you are destined to be or more aptly said what you really want from life. Be driven for change and success shall follow.

Value who you are. Never let someone undermine your energy and willingness to accomplish your dream. It is easy to laugh, easier to get influenced, and easiest to comment. But perhaps, toughest to believe and identify your worth. For based on my leanings from finance, if personal valuation isn’t above market value, you are surely missing some of your hidden value.  As often we become prudent enough with Masters and PhD degrees to successfully define the vision, mission of our businesses. What we often fail to define are the vision, and mission statements to life. And guess, that’s your true calling.

For what they call the quest of life, I call it as the quest for happiness.

Because, sometimes when life throws a snowball of realization, you would just want to slow down a bit, let go the zillion problems, hold back, and give ourselves the tightest hug of warmth and love. Seeking the smile and happiness that transpires your natural state.

So lower down on your speakers this weekend, and plug-in to “heart”-phones.

Let’s hear on – what’s your calling.

#Happiness2016 #BornToBelieve

Inspired by Ms. Suzy Singh



5 thoughts on “So what’s your calling?

  1. This post can very well convince people to quit their jobs. Lol. On a serious note, well written. Loved the personal valuation greater than market value statement. It’s beautifully worded.


    1. Hahaa..Thank you Harsh 🙂 appreciate it.
      Penning down some additional points shared by Suzy Aunty here. Hope it inspires further.
      “Pray to God to reveal to you what you are truly passionate about. Mostly we are all driven to passions not because we enjoy doing those things, but because we believe people will love us if we do those things. The need for acknowledgment clouds our true passion. Explore
      1. What makes time fly and engages your attention completely
      2. What allows you to enjoy the pursuit and also adds value to others
      3. Be sure you are not driven by money but by your soul’s fulfilment
      4. Be sure its not a passing fancy and is sustainable
      5. Ask if you would enjoy it even if you were not paid for it or earning from that activity”


  2. Hi Aditi! The struggle is real! Even after AIM life when others expect that we already have everything figured out within that 16-month period. Hehehe. Pray that all goes well and that you find your “calling”, either in your job or in something you do passionately outside the confines of the office. 🙂


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