A Writer’s Diary – Chapter 1

This one is a simple collection of some vivid thoughts that strike a chord every now and then, and gets etched as few words into my diary. 

  1. Words are critical tools. I failed and dropped down for the words I spoke. I rose higher when I left it unsaid.
  2. There is a writer inside every soul. But sometimes, we just fall short of words.
  3. Sometimes we come across some fragrances in life, that are meant to linger around to brighten us for a lifetime.
  4. Written for a couple in a long-distance marriage courtship: Counting days to this moment of togetherness, Counting days to us.
  5. Away from the buzzing noise. Steal a moment to look deep within. Silent peaceful joy shall help you shine brighter..just a little brighter.
  6. When silence blends in nature, little is left to say, and much to behold ~~ Simply dazzle in the beauty of The Lord. For that is the only truth you need to know.
  7. They say travelling is fun. I say travel alone and unplanned. You will never know how adventurous and fun you could be.
  8. Thoughts while sitting up at the world’s tallest man-made structure “Burj Khalifa” – When you fall from the top don’t worry of getting turned into dust.
    The beauty in the smell of the forceful airs around, shall travel you to your destiny. In time, you shall rise and shine again.
  9. Commitment is a silent surrender in passion and love. For life and beyond.
  10. When it gets too hard to wait. When it gets harder to quit. When time is less and much to say. When nights seem longer than day. Just believe in that breath that has kept you growing in ages and the power you behold to decide the destiny. The Power of You.

(To be contd.)


6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Diary – Chapter 1

  1. Thank u aditi .. it’s really good.. its inspiring and impressive.. keep up the good work.. let me know if I can also add something.. thanks ..


    1. Thanks Praveen for this appreciation. Truly means a lot :))
      and yes feel free to add in your thoughts/quotations/liners. Would only be happy to come across new inspirations and styles to improve my own.


  2. Its realy awesome.*
    You must keep writing.**
    I would suggest you to publish a book.***
    God Blless You A Lotttt****


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