A Writer’s Diary – Chapter 2

As is rightly said, hardships and bitter memories help one rise higher than the sweeter delights.

This one is a dedicated collection of thoughts – to the few highs and the many lows, the enriching success stories and the meaningful failures, the one reason to smile amidst the zillion stress – that uncover, me and you through our professional and personal lives.

Written #InHopeForABetterTomorrow

  1. Quitting was never an option. Leaving to Live was.
  2. Hold my hand, Oh Lord, and lets walk to what you have for my destiny. Wait, a little my child. Carry me as faith in your heart and I will be by your side, as you design your own for now and eternity.
  3. My rantings let me let go. Let go off the intrinsic knots.
  4. A silent restlessness shakes me within. A breeze of belief calms me down. Wonder if this is the fear of the coming future or the rantings of the gone past. Surely, a breath of self-belief is all that shall make me last.
  5. The moment I felt the quest was over, reality made a secret pinch to say “Not Yet!”
  6. Life is a ride into the detours of adventure. Keep calm and keep rolling!
  7. Some get paid to work. Others pay to work. Happy or foolish to have experienced both, I do not know. For sometimes all you care is a little growth.
  8. Hard pit stops are mirrors into true relations.
  9. Anger injured the soul with its vibrations, decisions made in the moment of haste, and consequences. The scars made her bleed in tears and foregone relations. Until wisdom stepped in for solace. And there in that tiny serene white moment of joy. She discovered a new beginning. A new self.
  10. I did not fail. I just did not get what I want and made the choice to start again.
  11. Stay busy – watch a movie, scribble, read a random paper, listen to conversations. You will never know how and when you grew in these little moments of time to eventually become the person you were never before.
  12. If you can make self-belief your biggest strength, then you will always discover a new meaning to life.
  13. Believe – You are empowered to Change.
  14. If life was only fair, you would never know the bliss of a true smile.
  15. Sometimes all you need is someone, to clutch your empty fingers in theirs and say – I am there for you. I say, let that person be You.

(To be contd.)