June Diaries – a tale of monsoon wanderings

The unsure feeling when you write something vague, short and random and have no idea of the response. But then you tell your heart, if only life was fair with fairy-tales alone!
Look forward to hearing your thoughts/suggestions/reactions to this piece of randomness.


Little did She know what She started to embrace.

Little did She wish to know, and simply swayed in grace.

Amidst the welcoming of the monsoons

She opened up –

To seek new meanings, friends anew, and new stories She had to tell.

Drenched in the hope of happiness and love

She rise and smiled to the fresh June day.

Dear mornings,

Channel me through discoveries of my mind to what my heart longs.

A reason to sense and believe,

And a touch of shimmer in the drizzle and breeze.

A rainy open beach to share with,

The silent unsaid expressions in the beauty of hymns and songs.

A cup of black coffee indulgence shall keep me warm.

As the silent distance of reality seeps in, I hug myself tight

In the little pleasures of life, and in a little this and that, to slowly close the night.


#Believe & #LetGo





One thought on “June Diaries – a tale of monsoon wanderings

  1. Super expressions Aditi.. Keep up the flow and keep writing more..
    Look forward to reading a compiled version soon


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