Building an equation from inequalities

Arranged marriage scenes have much dominated the Indian culture since time unknown. A culture difficult to uphold in today’s modernized world, yet, it would be interesting to appreciate the  skewed stats, wherein 90% of the marriages in India are still arranged, of which only less than 5% result ugly. Such success is much attributed to the transformation that has undergone in the society. The society that has gotten to largely appreciate the woman’s independence in thoughts and desire to grow as an individual, a daughter-in-law and daughter, a friend and a partner with a new beginning. 

The below mentioned short piece is a hypothetical scenario, sharing emotions of this 20 something lady as she steps into the arranged marriage scenes and walks down to meet a prospective match. Can she be courageous to take that leap of faith?  or should she let love define her pathways?

She walked down in faith. To discover if there was a match. To unveil if he was her man. To give love a chance. To figure if he was worth the compromises she’d make.

She walked down the cafe. To blend her imperfections in his. To blend her red in his white. Her tea and his coffee delight. Her travel diaries in his number games. Her guitar tunes in his sports matches.

She walked down to break some stereotypes. Tall women and taller men. Unsure as she was. Unsure as he was. Only up there someone would design the destiny.

She walked down, deeper into her mind. Was he the man she’d want to rise to for the rest of her life? Was he the energy that can keep her going during the worst off times? Was he simply the one she was waiting for?

She walked down scared but confident. Only faith to uphold what she’d decide. She walked down and away from what and who were hers. She walked to embrace a new family.

She walked down to discover potential equations in inequalities. In hope and mismatches, she was unsure and only prayed let the force be with the two.


Love rules. Marriage follows. Happiness persists.




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  1. There’s d flower blossoming agn aftr a fiery spell of storm. Go wild lady. My best wishes wid u. Gd luck


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