Different Shades of New York – Part 3

You have never traveled enough until you have traveled deep down under into yourself, with yourself and for yourself. Discovering the unknown and not so famous things – distant and hidden from limelight – these unknowns largely embed the true culture and all that a city leaves unsaid.

Covering most of New York’s landmark in Day2, I packed my bag to an adventure walking tour around Manhattan and beyond to discover where the roads shall take me.

Adding the touch of red into the palette #Day3
A church by the side                   #GoodStart #LoveForChurches











Good Mexican Burritos in brunch at this small corner side restro glittering in fancy colored tealights and natural light to brighten the dull interiors

Sneaking by Madisson Square Garden, I found my way to the famous Flatiron or Triangular Building that stands as a historical landmark at the heart of Manhattan.

Making my way into the Union square, I was greeted by the fresh smell of lavender greens. Such was the cultural mix, such was the diversity and blend of hues, I blended myself as I walked along and far.

A rare sight of cats, birds and rats all on one friendly couch (top left), tarot card readers, organic vegetable sellers, artificial bird and animals staged in an applauding act (bottom left), the famous India cultural “Hare Rama Hare Krishna Iskon” band in orange (middle bottom row) raising spirits high and an African-American performer taking the crowd by surprise with its moves (bottom right) – Waao ! There was so much happening. So much to do. So much that colored me in the happiness of the Different Shades of New York. 

Next stop – the High Line by the Meat Packing District of New York.

En-route HighLine: #LoveForChurches

En-route HighLine: When the color palette brings a childlike smile 🙂

This sight, This beauty would have been a sheer miss, had I not been guided down to this newly constructed point by my host. Not so famous. Not so sought after. Surely not in the top 10 places one would want to check in while in New York. But I call this – a hidden treasure of happiness and solace.


When nature blends you in in its own shade card, you take a bench and sit smiling as you get painted.

Sitting down by the bench there, I looked far deep into the sky. Far into the bed of colors that sprinkled happiness around. Some peace comfort in the arms of your loved ones, some candid chats as you dazed into the wide. Some tears to share to give back smiles. Some love in the air, and some of Mumma’s delight. I sat down to give myself a little bit of each.

And there, I painted again a picture of happy life and a resolve to make a difference.IMG_20151016_183707

A “Think Out of The Box” initiative – pay 5$ and feel free to sit and paint by the skyline on the High Line!

 #BackToChildhood  #FriendsOnTheWay  #LittleThings  #HighLineWalk

..Because, “Love is The Answer” to Life 🙂  #HighLineWalk

After long walks away from High Line and into deep dark lanes (through night clubs only time I wish I had company for) in search the famous Artichoke Pizza of New York, there I was.

I ended my day to this Plate of Happiness served Happily 🙂 Relishing the western taste in every morsel, I sat down out in the cold raising a loud cheer to a day of pure Discoveries and Happiness 🙂

The next day was indeed the most challenging day for a non-shopaholic person like me. the kinds who enters a shop only at times of need and knowing what to buy. There I was – set sail for Woodburry Commons – to enjoy some affordable luxury shopping experience.

 #Day4 Smell of fresh Blueberry Muffins 🙂 #allsmiles

Never tired or frozen for a click nature’s wonders Different Shades of Woodburry 🙂 #NYSkyline



Back home for one of the best pad thai I have ever enjoyed. Surely, when your dinner palette is as colorful as your day was!

Happy smiles with my host, sister and namesake – aditi 🙂

As I packed my bags to close my adventure days in New York and head to Connecticut for my week long program at Yale, I walked down Manhattan for one last time.

#Day5 – Time To Say Goodbye

Down the street where I started my first day from. The street and its corners which once looked foreign, now etched a corner home in my heart. Confidence in my walk, and a big smile on my face. Closing my adventure ride with a bang, I reached the top of the Empire State.

Enjoying my ride up to the observation deck! #SoloTravels


The best view of the “Different Shades of New York” – This is You.

                                    The fun and the educated, The money and the struggles.                                      The failures and the rise. The bling and the fight.  A home to one. A home to all. Secrets hidden in its depth. Yet open and wide.

This is You. And Yes somewhere, this is Me.

Looking for my corner in New York #ESB

Happiness is in travelling alone, looking for your corners and finding who you are.

Save. Travel. Live. Repeat.