“Will you, please wait”..”I hate to wait” ..”You will have to wait”..”Let’s wait for some more time?”.. Interestingly, since time unknown, we have been encountering at least one of these statements in our everyday lives. I have now gotten to believe that “Waiting” is an integral part of Winning. Winning over Life. “Waiting” is nothing but that Pursuit of Happiness in Life. Life is meant to be challenging. Life is meant to have pauses. And as they say – somethings in Life, are worth waiting for. 

This writing, is a small endeavor to dive just a little deep on the the unsaid expression of waiting. Also, this piece is a result of inspirations I constantly derive from my life experiences and even more a result of the motivation I receive from my readers. So, Thank You for waiting for this one. 

Written #InHopeForABetterTomorrow


Waiting –

A timeless emotion of sorts,

Or a part of the quest within.

Growing from the curiosity and impatience

Waiting is indeed the building blocks of dreams.



Waiting is that love to read her mind, when she replies with a “nothing much”

Or sometimes to hold the power to let go of the imperfect, for the perfect to add that magic touch.

Waiting is that skip of your heart beat after you asked “Will you marry me?”

Intertwining into an eternal bond, the army girl replied “Yes, but will you wait for me?”

Waiting is that hope in the eyes of the farmer as he looks up for a drizzle and rain,

And somewhere it is the faith in silent prayers of care and joy, as the wife undergoes a labor pain.


Waiting will be Dark and Grey

For everything in life is certainly not Black or White.

Waiting is much about patience and a little less about haste,

Testing you enough to define new limits in time.

Questions engulfing within, as you and I seamlessly race against time.

But more often than not, the wait is much longer than thought.

Stop by then, and take a pause.

The end of the wait, is what we desperately wait for –

Little do we realize in waiting, we become wiser with the time lost.


Waiting empowers you to feel the silence.

It says a lot, yet leaves you with unsaid.

Waiting is that test –

Intimidating you with the answered question again.

Is it worth the wait?  Is it worth the wait?

Time and again, until you break down in pain.


Let Go, if you hear the inner demons scream

Yet, hold on tight, if you have even a single reason to believe.


Answer to yourself with just a little faith and you shall see –

Waiting is Beautiful. Waiting is Courageous.

Much like trusting yourself that you will be nothing less than better tomorrow.

For Today, I Choose to Wait.

But, is it really worth the Wait?


Live what you Waited for.