A word that leaves you grounded and soaks your heart in humility. Sharing this short experience form my recent travel and stay at Holiday Inn, Jaipur. This one truly connected me further to who I am and be thankful to the supreme power to have showered so much kindness and love to share. 

The door bell rang and I walked to answer it. My 3 day holiday had come to a close and it was time to get home. I opened the door and on the other side stood the bell boy.

“Yes, please come in. You may take the luggage.” I said as I walked back into the room. The bell boy stood there by the door and I looked around wondering why had he not acted upon the request as yet. Looking up to find him by the door, I met gratitude.

He looked up at me and offered to help me with my luggage. But in a language uncommon to my usual life. For his engulfed so much unsaid. So much unheard.

I smiled back and nodded. Confidently he walked in, picked up the pieces one by one and placed them neatly on his trolley. As he was ready to move out, my mom made some offering to him. He accepted and bowed down. He then took out a pen and paper from his pocket and scratched in a Thank You note. His eyes smiling with joy as he walked down the alley.

I walked behind to give him another baggage piece that was left behind. Sometimes words and voices don’t help, so I walked faster than usual. He looked around and rushed to help  me. He accidentally dropped the bag from his hands in the rush, and held his ears in apology. I shook my head and smiled to thank the dignified life at work.

This small instance left me puzzled for as long as now.

Walking back, Flying across, Driving home. I was left so full with all that I have been endowed in life with. Countless abundance of joy to say – I am blessed.

What also struck me hard was the power of positive energy that beholds in a silent world. Such elegance in the art of performing the chores leaves me reflecting on my imperfections and much need for re-work.

Humbled as I pen this down and wish you more power as you remember your moment of gratitude.


– we have much more than what we need –