From the serene depths of Langkawi

Come, Be with me.

My serene waters share a silence only few could comprehend.

The depths of my forests embed stories untold.

The far off mountains low. Yet only few dare to explore.

The passionate come to me, and unveil the deepest secrets of their heart in my sea.

-Langkawi, Malaysia-

Little did I know, that a short weekend getaway to the distant island of Langkawi in South East Asia can leave me with such lifelong memories. Sharing few experiences as my lens made some serene discoveries into this Malaysian island.


I. Symbolizing the elegance of Langkawi city: The reddish brown Eagle poised to take off

The Eagle Square


I embark on this venture alone.

I carry belief in my eyes and courage in my wings.

I shout out to the silence engulfing this land.

Jump in – and – take the Leap of Faith with me.

Fly High – with me.






II. The depths you discover only if you behold the courage to climb the sky

Sweeping by an uncanny silence, the cable car ride taking you from the island to the skies of Langkawi is surely reveals a breath-taking sight.

aerial view of the dense wild forests of Langkawi engulfing secret tales

Sitting on the glass floor, finding my corner in Langkawi 🙂

Scary as it was, I dared the fall. The parting words – Oh yes, Life was good.

Breaking the silence with the jing bang

III. Rains + Beach = Bliss

My jet ski ride cancelled down due to rains. Guess, God had another plan in making 🙂


Kind enough to share his two beauties with me at the same time. I fell for both and it was truly an affair to remember.

A walk on the beach in rain is nothing but bliss. Blessed to have experience this beautiful affair, I sang and danced in celebration. My feet soaked in wet shell cut sand, felt so alive like never before. Drops of rain filling my heart with grace of divine and eyes beaming in glee, I smiled as I walked the length of the beach.

The entire island seemed to have drenched in the shower of love and happiness.

IV. Finding my corner

As etched in my other travel posts, we eventually find our corners wherever we go. Such was the quest on the islands of Langkawi, and there started a beautiful rendezvous with self.

Sometimes, in the woods so deep, the beach so long, the sky wide high, I sailed far.

For You.

And there, when I started to live by the edge, I found my corner in You.

Because, love lies in the eyes of the beholder.

V. Sign off in Langkawi style


Embracing different cultures from around the continent, Malaysia has a huge set of Chinese, and Tamilians (Indians originating from the southern state of Tamil Nadu). The latter came as a pleasant surprise while reading information boards on road and hearing greetings on my flight back to India.

What was most fascinating of the return travel was the air show by five fighter air crafts with some magnificent display of fireshots in the air. An extra ordinary display of Langkawi culture – fly high and be bold as the eagle – and truly a sight to remember.

(Picture taking was prohibited, hence my words are the only lens to this instant)

Lastly, to share, Langkawi happened for the celebration of life. 75 years of some beautiful living of my maternal grandmother. Soaked in the love of family life and laughter galore, each moment was beautiful leaving me with lifelong memories. As the serene depths of Langkawi, somewhere in me, I hope each day to strive to be the best of me and leave a mark in whatever I do, wherever I go. Surely, another 75th celebration would soon be calling.

~ in rendezvous with self ~