Chicago – a love hate syndrome

Wind, sun, and rain

Or sometimes all in one

A condition of confusion –

In the outside

As much as in the inside.


Games, yoga and

A world on the run

Chasing something,

And sometimes everything

That little something I never wished to chase –

Left behind looking at a crowd

I yet fail to embrace.


Yet, Squared in love,

By the city of Chicago

When the white man at the crossroad couldn’t give a sign

He held my hand to walk

And we walked

And walked

To walk into what I call life.


He was bad with my unsaid

And I lost my words

To the city

That put me far from everything I could call my own

Family, work, and friends – and perhaps that midday glow.


Yet in the loose of everyday run,

I sit on a Monday

To pen all the pent up.

A combination of his love, and some love for self

Hey Chicago – cure this now

I am down with a love hate syndrome.


One thought on “Chicago – a love hate syndrome

  1. superbly written. Each word/line says a lot. Keep writing and inspiring all others to introspect and take time to embrace life instead of rushing into it.
    Love always.


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