It was Diwali time. Noise, family, celebrations, food and more food conversations from India just got me blue. Ansul and I couldn’t make that planned Diwali travel to India due to the pandemic. This led to musings penned below. Yet, we had a humble Diwali here in Chicago, and I am all hopeful for cutting the 8431 miles to India soon.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, comments below. Happy Diwali 🙂

Far far far away

Like really far away

They started like this in childhood tales.

Little could I map the distance then

Just minutes away – family or friend.

The world evolved – with travel, tech and time

Yet the distance didn’t dissolve – still at 8431 miles

Bridge it my friend, Bridge it brick by brick

With a little bit of love, and a little more of faith

Easier still – the conventional way

Pick that phone, and say what you couldn’t say

In thoughts, yet so far

I wish I could say – just hop in that damn car

so Far Far Far away

Dear India,

See you for a Summer of May


Thank you for reading, Aditi