Relativity of Happiness

Random musings on a Monday morning. Let me know your absolute thoughts 🙂 Have a powerful week ahead

All as a student 

Theories at business school

I learnt how timid 

Was the number of absolute

Calculate the relative number

To clarify, compare and conclude

He said, she said

To better judge the impact and magnitude 

And then, I applied the same to life

To clarify, compare and conclude

My happiness, success with her, him and them

Happiness, success and all

Diminished at a rate 

Faster than the numbers could recall

Why so relative

To him, her and them

So then I paused to recalculate

Where on the road

Did I miss the train

Life is all about the choices 

You make

Laughter is cherished 

When we know how hard it is to stand under the cloud of rain

So is it still the absolute I should consider for life

Good, Better, Best – my childhood learnings bribe

Lost in relativity – concepts of money and time

Why so overemphasised in our personal lives?