About Aditi

Hi there, I am Aditi from India and I Thank You for visiting my blog.

Born on 21st October, 1989 to a middle class Marwari family in the eastern state of Bengal, I have had a simple upbringing. Passionate about learning and challenging the conventional, I studied Economics at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and then was among the lucky few Marwari females who could make a way to pursue her dream job. I worked with McKinsey in Gurgaon for 2 years and later after a year back at home, I went for my MBA. Graduating from Asian Institute of Management (Philippines) with a full scholarship and a Student Leadership Award for some innovative community service, has truly been a living dream.

Writing grew more as a medium for me to let go of thoughts to free my mind. Scribbling since the age of 15, my words finally found a place from secret diaries into the hearts of readers across the globe.

Apart from writing, I am passionate about travelling, and music. I am equally enthusiastic about underprivileged education and hope to create meaningful difference in the sphere in near future.

If you connect with my writings, then do “Follow the unsaid” to receive regular post notifications. In the meanwhile, I will be happy to receive your message to hear your thoughts / reactions / suggestions.

For trust me, life is too short, to leave it unsaid.


Cheers and much love 🙂



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