Author: aditipoddar

Born on 21st October, 1989 to a middle class Marwari family in the eastern state of Bengal (India), Aditi has had a simple upbringing. Passionate about learning and challenging the conventional, she studied Economics at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and then was among the few Marwari females who was sent to pursue to explore the corporate world. She worked with McKinsey in Gurgaon for 2 years and after a year back in family business, she set sail for her MBA. Graduating from Asian Institute of Management (Philippines) with a full scholarship and a Student Leadership Award for her innovative community service, Aditi thanked her stars for a successful career progression. Writing grew more as a medium for her to let go of her thoughts and free her mind. Scribbling since the age of 15, her words finally found a place from her secret diaries into the hearts of her readers. Apart from writing, Aditi is passionate about travelling, and music. She is equally enthusiastic about underprivileged education and hopes to create meaningful difference in the sphere in near future.


It was Diwali time. Noise, family, celebrations, food and more food conversations from India just got me blue. Ansul and I couldn't make that planned Diwali travel to India due to the pandemic. This led to musings penned below. Yet, we had a humble Diwali … Continue reading 8431



Despite borders closed Never had I seen A world more united ] In thoughts [ ] In actions [ ] In prayers [   A world never more united For Health, Compassion and Strength ] For you, me and them. [   For Someone said … Continue reading United.


Gratitude.  A word that leaves you grounded and soaks your heart in humility. Sharing this short experience form my recent travel and stay at Holiday Inn, Jaipur. This one truly connected me further to who I am and be thankful to the supreme power to have showered so … Continue reading Gratitude.

Will luxury still be luxury, if it is made easy and convenient under digitization?

Luxury is a relative term and hence its usage in this article is based on my personal opinion – representative of the middle class – as a both seller and buyer of luxury. Exploring the prospects of “disruption” in jewelry industry, I was intrigued by … Continue reading Will luxury still be luxury, if it is made easy and convenient under digitization?


  “Will you, please wait”..”I hate to wait” ..”You will have to wait”..”Let’s wait for some more time?”.. Interestingly, since time unknown, we have been encountering at least one of these statements in our everyday lives. I have now gotten to believe that “Waiting” is an integral part of … Continue reading Waiting.